Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Day in the Life of a Ship in the Shipyard

O.K. this is a day in the life. Lots of cutting and grinding and welding. Which also means smoke and fire detectors going off, keeping the receptionists and the Duty Officer on their toes. Lube oil purifiers being lowered into the engine room and installed. CT Scanner making its way down the corridor and into its new home. Sounds easier than it was. Smile. Radar being installed on the mast. New Walk in coolers being installed in the Galley. And that does not include the multiple pipe projects going on in the Engine room. The deckheads down and back up, the sprinkler work, the cabinet repairs, the Lab remodelling, the repairs, the routine maintenance, the pages and pages of requests for jobs to be done on board while the hospital is shut down for 2 months each year and we are in a country where we can get supplies and receive containers of supplies. All that being said, Ken and his team are now checking off completed projects so now maybe Ken will stop waking up at 3am with a pipe plan and a trip back down to the engine room.

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